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Our Story

Meet the people behind Isonomy and their vision for a digitised AML/CFT world


Anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance is a doorway to radical integrity and transparency in the global financial system.

Right now, it’s broken:

  • The cost of compliance for businesses caught by AML/CFT requirements is skyrocketing, and fines issued for non-compliance by governments are in the billions of dollars;
  • Chief compliance officers and boards of directors feel out of control. They are not aware of AML/CFT compliance risks in their business, their policies are manual and confusing for their frontline staff;
  • Lack of data governance within organisations make it difficult for businesses to prove to their regulators that they are meeting their requirements;
  • Blockchain business models are struggling to prove to regulators that they’re meeting their regulatory requirements.

We have built Isonomy to solve these problems.

Isonomy, from Ancient Greek isonomia: The healthy functioning of the rule of law

Isonomy is a New Zealand-led, globally focussed digital AML/CFT compliance provider.

It provides AML/CFT DIY resources and guidance to businesses wanting to comply quickly and effectively with their AML/CFT requirements.

These resources and our growing Isonomy community are forming the basis for the next-generation Isonomy digital AML/CFT platform. This technology will allow complex, cross-border, and high-risk businesses to know-their-AML/CFT-data through a comprehensive reporting and governance platform.

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We founded Isonomy in 2017 in order to tackle the systemic inefficiencies and harm resulting from badly understood and poorly applied AML/CFT compliance obligations.

From our experiences in our AML/CFT consulting business, Fiducia, we couldn’t accept that global businesses aren’t able to access practical, effective, and digital AML/CFT tools and resources. What’s more, our heads and hearts were being captured by the opportunity and promise of blockchain technology and a decentralised global financial system.

With Deborah’s engineering, governance, and global business execution experience, and Claire’s legal, international policy, and compliance expertise, we knew that it was business love.

CLAIRE PIPER | Founding Director

LLB/BA (Hons)

claire.piper@isonomy.io+64 21 256 1641

Member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

Claire is magnetically drawn to AML/CFT compliance because it sits at the nexus of what the global financial system has been, and what it wants to be next.

With a career background in policy development and commercial negotiation, Claire is attracted to industries that require perseverance, creative thinking and new approaches to old problems. It is this knack for creating elegant business solutions for complex, legislative policies that drew her into the digital compliance world.

Claire holds the pen on AML/CFT subject matter expertise, staying ahead of international developments in financial regulation, and building the AML/CFT community among private companies and government departments

Claire is also the founder of Fiducia, an AML/CFT consultancy in New Zealand.

Claire surfs and does yoga in an ongoing, fruitless attempt to chill out. She’s obsessed with her dog, Bobby Bean Sprout.

To find out more and to connect with Claire, see Claire’s LinkedIn.