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Our next generation AML/CFT digital platform

We’re building something big

Isonomy is building a digital AML/CFT governance and reporting platform.

Using judicious application of blockchain and machine learning technology, the Isonomy platform:

  • Extracts and loads your business’ know-your-customer (KYC), transaction, and entity risk data;
  • Applies a transparent, programmable, methodology to assess and score the money laundering and terrorist financing risks in your business;
  • Provides data lineage by displaying the source of data used in AML/CFT decision-making and tracking how it is used in policies, procedures, and controls throughout the business;
  • Creates real-time, accurate alerts of suspicious activity and high-risk incidents;
  • Organises risk and alert information into a simple dashboard to provide directors and managers a clean and accurate window into the state of their AML/CFT compliance;
  • Arranges front-line staff AML/CFT workflow, ensuring all their decisions are quick, accurate, and auditable.

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How it works

  • KYC only works if you know your data. Isonomy tracks the lineage of data in your KYC, transaction, and entity risk assessments to demonstrate your decisions meet your regulatory requirements.
  • Isonomy combines subjective ML/TF perceptions, concerns, and developments with objective, prescriptive data points to create dynamic AML/CFT risk scores.
  • Global companies must be compliant in every country they operate in and for every product they offer customers. Isonomy creates one, flexible framework for complete, end-to-end, compliance
  • Chief compliance officers, directors, and frontline staff hold liability for their AML/CFT risk-based decisions. Isonomy creates a simple workflow designed to grow as your business does.

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